Why book with a Travel Agent

During recent years it seems that people are using travel agents more, and at this rate it looks like they’re here to stay (hooray!)  The surge in demand is growing, especially amongst millennials at the moment.  So, with that being said, it makes me wonder – why should we book with travel agents? 

When I think of holidays, it’s always an image of me lying on the beach with a drink and a book, probably complaining about the heat and claim that I’m stewing, as I’m a very pale Scot with the determination to avoid the shade and air conditioning at all costs – “I must have the best tan in the office when I get back”, I tell myself, as I’m turning into a shade of red which is almost comparable to a very ripened tomato.  But never do I imagine the lead up to the holiday, though when I make myself focus on the steps of finding a location, saving money, packing and exchanging money, it’s nothing less than extreme stress and a lot of running around like a headless chicken.  Booking holidays can be a journey itself!

Book with an agent and all of that somehow disappears.  Yes, you’ll have to pay, exchange money and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t sweet talk the experts at Connoisseur to pack your bag for you, but the overall madness of booking is gone.  You get the simplicity of talking to an expert and having them take care of the rest.  Gone are the days of scrolling through a site and having pop up adverts, it’s time to welcome back the friendly faces and great customer service!  Though technology is advancing, you can’t get much better than talking to a real person who has real experiences and is willing to help you.  Ah, good ol’ communication!

Travel agents are full of knowledge, if you are going in to book a trip to Italy, the chances are one of them have been there themselves and can guide you to the best spots for food, locations and even hidden gems that not many tourists would know of!  And if you’re wanting to book a Fred. Olsen cruise, then your agent has most likely been on that too, even just to see the ship and cabins.  They have years of experience, you’ll be in safe hands.

You’ll get what you asked for and more.  Your agent will tailor-make your holiday, it’ll be personalised just for you.  Who wouldn’t want that?  It’s like your own genie, granting you all of your holiday wishes! Pfft, I haven’t seen a phone be that accommodating:  Agents - 1, Online – 0.

It saves time too!  I’m not sure about you, but it took me about 5 to 8 hours over the period of a month to find time to sit down and book my holiday, which gave me time to change my mind on what hotel to stay at and who to fly with. With a travel agent all you need to do is discuss the destination, date and budget and the rest is down to them, pretty good going I’d say!

So, with those perks, along with a lot more, who wouldn’t want to book with a travel agent?


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