Amsterdam & Brussels Garden Cruise

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7 Nights
Special Interest Cruise


  • A journey created specially for gardening enthusiasts
  • Explore the horticultural beauty of Europe with host David Hurrion
  • Visit special sights like Floriade Expo 2022 a once every 10 year gardening festival

7 - 14 May 2022

This exclusive one-off cruise will be hosted by famous gardening expert David Hurrion. Focusing on all aspects of Horticulture, everything onboard has been designed specifically with you in mind. Set sail from Brussels and meander through the waterways of Europe to your destination in Amsterdam. As well as the much-loved city stops in Antwerp and Rotterdam to name just a couple, we’ve added in some additional excursions that have been hand-selected for this cruise. These present you with a unique opportunity to combine a river cruise experience with your love of gardening.

Green fingered enthusiasts unite and take over, take over the U by Uniworld Amsterdam & Brussels Bound Cruise that is. If you love everything garden related, then you’ll adore this custom-built Gardening U trip aboard U by Uniworld’s ship ‘The A’.

Your Host throughout the Holiday will be David Hurrion - David is one of the most experienced, popular and knowledgeable Garden Tour hosts in the UK having travelled with groups all over the world for over 30 years. He is the Associate Editor of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine as well as a Royal Horticultural Society Tender Plant Committee member and RHS Show Judge.  He will join you and our other local garden guides on the garden tours and host a series of fascinating talks on gardening during the trip. 

“The gardens at Keukenhof are like a much-loved old friend to me and their sheer scale is jaw-dropping. Every year the displays of flowering bulbs are replanned to make them even more spectacular – so there’s always something new to discover. And our trip will also coincide with Floriade, which happens only every 10 years, and which is a real extravaganza of everything horticultural. Meanwhile, I’m really excited to get the opportunity to visit Oostveld Garden of landscape designer Chris Ghyselen which looks like a highlight of this great holiday. So I look forward to meeting you onboard and sharing a celebration of gardening and plants.” - David Hurrion


Price Includes:

  • 7 nights Stay in a Classic Bedroom with Waterfront Views
  • All Meals Included 
  • FREE Excursions included
  • FREE Regional flights and transfers
  • Local wines, beers & soft drinks with lunch and dinner
  • Gratuities included
  • Single supplement £250pp
  • Balcony upgrade from only £199pp


  • Day 1 Amsterdam (Embark)

    Start your European adventure in the iconic city of Amsterdam.

  • Day 2 Amsterdam Keukenhof Botanical Gardens

    Enjoy the kaleidoscopic colours of Keukenhof with a guided tour around the botanical gardens. Learn all about the gardens themselves and what the future holds for them, while simultaneously immersing yourself in the intoxicating aromas of the mesmeric flora.Amsterdam Canals
    What better way to spend your first full day on-board than with a tour of some iconic Dutch waterways. You'll be able to experience everything the 'Venice of the North' has to offer, with a special flower inspired drink in hand.

    Plastic Fishing
    Take some time out from your European horticultural odyssey to do something completely different, and selfless. The world's first plastic fishing company will take you out around Amsterdam via one of their specialist boats. Help then team with the local conservation efforts by collecting as much plastic as you can out of the waterways. Then rest easy knowing all the plastic collected goes to making furniture and boats, just like the one you completed the tour on.

    Six Senses of Amsterdam (£)
    More of a deep dive of Dutch cuisine than a gentle tour. This culinary adventure will put all your senses to work as you try a mouth-watering array of Netherlands favourites. Allow the intriguing flavours of natural Netherlands dance on your palate and gain a new respect for the organic wonders around you.

    Amsterdam Old and New (£)
    This journey’s not all about stunning gardens and organic ingredients, take a fascinating journey through the history of Amsterdam on this educational bike ride. Explore the city and discuss the stories behind the landmarks.

  • Day 3 Rotterdam

    Floriade Exposition
    Every ten years something magical happens in the Netherlands, the Floriade Exposition comes to town. Showcasing a dazzling display of colour, learning opportunities and incredible aromas, the Expo comes to life Almere in 2022. While The A docks in Rotterdam you can escape to Floriade with a knowledgeable guide who’ll tell you everything you need to know about this incredible festival. Why not take some cash with you snatch the chance to grab some special pieces for your garden while you’re there.

    Jogging through Rotterdam
    Rotterdam is one of the best destinations in the world for getting some serious pavement pounding in. Pack your running shoes and get exploring some the, just under, 2,000 running paths in the city.

    Rotterdam by Design
    A powerhouse of incredible Dutch architecture Rotterdam is home to some superb structural feats. In a break from the horticultural holiday take in amazing sights like the Cube Houses of Piet Blom, the Market Hall which houses the masterpiece many call “the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam,” and the iconic Erasmus Bridge which has featured in many a slick Hollywood picture.

    Rotterdam at Night
    One of the trendiest cities in Europe, Rotterdam comes to life when the sun goes down. Whether you're more into elegant cocktails or bold craft beer your U host will be on hand to recommend the perfect night spot for you. Who knows, you may even run into a place near a stunning garden or park.

    Best of Rotterdam (£)
    Experience the very best dazzling architectural design and tastebud-tingling cuisine Rotterdam has to offer. Round off your incredible tour with a taste of some authentic Dutch treats in the majestic Market Hall.

    The Windmills of Kinderdijk (£)
    You can't visit the Netherlands without seeing tulips and a windmill or two, right? Well with your trips to Keukenhof and Floriade under your belt we’re sure you’ll have seen your fair share of tulips by now. So why not take a gander at some incredible windmills. Kinderdijk is the perfect setting for seeing some quintessentially Dutch landscapes. Waterways and marshes dominate the stunning natural surroundings, while beautifully maintained windmills stud the skyline. Explore the scenery of tall reeds, lily pads, and gorgeous birds by bike, and stop at a local farm for a cheese-tasting. You’ll be seeing the true beauty of Holland in one excursion.

  • Day 4 Middleburg

    Intro to Middelburg
    Discover a world of amazing sights, sounds and stories crammed into this quaint Dutch town. From WWII bunkers to old charming streets which wind and twist through years of experiences.

    Domburg Beach by Bike
    Beaches probably aren't the first images which come to mind when you think about the Netherlands. However, this country is full of surprises. Domburg Beach, with it's long boardwalks and sandy dunes, offers the ideal setting for a stunning coastal pedal.

    Dutch Engineering (£)
    Did you know the Netherlands is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World? Those surprises keep coming, right! The storm surge barriers are a true engineering marvel. But, then, your country's storm barriers would be pretty impressive if half the nation was just three feet above sea level.

  • Day 5 Chris Ghyselen Tuin oostveld Garden

    Situated at Odelem just outside Ghent this award winning garden offers a real experience in garden design and planting in a range of styles. The garden of about half an acre is located on a clay ridge with an ascending slope which is perfectly used to show off the different garden areas. You are spoilt for choice of where to look with the grass, living, brook and Utility gardens plus Borders to die for.

  • Day 6 Antwerp

    Intro to Antwerp
    Choose from either the Intro or Culture tour on your day in Antwerp. On this Intro tour you will take to the streets of this famous city and discover the unmistakeable influence it's had on the worlds of jewellery, fashion and architecture. Round off the tour with a complimentary tasting of foods and wines with ingredients grown in gardens across the city.

    Culture & Food Tour by Bike
    Experience the more delicious side to Antwerp on this brain and belt busting tour. Bike through some famous neighbourhoods and taste everything from Moroccan mint tea and Turkish delights to Jewish pastries.

    Antwerp Beer Tour (£)
    With a plethora of pubs, bars, brasseries and breweries there's no better place to sample the ales of Belgium than Antwerp.

    'Gen Z ON U' Sailings Only: Antwerp With a Photographer (£)
    Ideal for all those social media mages and Instagram artists out there. A professional photographer will accompany you to all the most incredible spots in the city for a cute snap. Make sure to grab a plethora of pics in the elegant gardens of Antwerp.

  • Day 7 Brussels

    Intro to Brussels
    Get to know the capital of Europe a little better by taking a tour through some of it's iconic streets and neighbourhoods.

    Bike Ride Around the Atomium
    Created by architects Andre and Jean Polak for the 1958 World's Fair (Expo 58). The Atomium is the most popular tourist attraction in Brussels. Get up close and personal with the famous landmark on a bike ride tour.

    Best of Brussels (£)
    See all the famous sights and sounds of Brussels. Wander it's iconic streets and maybe even sample some of it's most delicious export, chocolate.

  • Day 8 Disembark

    Bid the boat a fond farewell and head off to put everything you’ve learned into practice in your own garden. Or go in search of more adventures in Brussels. There's plenty to be had!

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From £1899pp
7 Nights
Special Interest Cruise


  • A journey created specially for gardening enthusiasts
  • Explore the horticultural beauty of Europe with host David Hurrion
  • Visit special sights like Floriade Expo 2022 a once every 10 year gardening festival

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