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Cruising the Azores

Oct 29, 2014

A home from home at sea is often how many of Boudicca’s regular descendants describe her.

With a following close to that of the famous Black Prince Fred Olsen fans from around the world boarded Boudicca on a windy dreach day in Greenock. In the captains words the strong Scottish wind blew us away from the pier as we set sail to the sound of bagpipes and cheers in search of sunnier climes.


With 821 passengers on board the ship is at full cabin capacity and filled with an array of interesting characters. We have passengers from around the world Including 2 passengers from Norway, 2 from France, 1 from America and the rest from the UK and Ireland. The overall majority of the passengers on board are from Scotland.

With 329 international crew on board and a wonderful Norwegian Captain – Sten Ronny Jensen every passenger is well looked after, well fed and entertained.


Our voyage to the beautiful islands of the Azores, Madeira and Portugal begins with 3 days cruising over the Irish and North Atlantic sea. Fred Olsen offer a variety of entertainment throughout the day and night to keep passengers busy and entertained. From Bingo to shuffleboard and Quizzes to lectures the days are filled with different opportunities to meet your fellow passengers and get involved in the on board activities. The beauty of the entertainment on Boudicca is that you can do as much or as little as you like.


From speaking to passengers the high standard of food on board the Boudicca Is one of the many reasons passengers come back time and time again. With an open dining breakfast and lunch and a scrumptious sit down meal in the evening it is inevitable you leave the ship slightly heavier than when you boarded. However there are plenty of opportunities to burn off those calorie’s with an onboard gym, an excellent fitness instructor, a walk a mile round the deck club every morning and a variety of fitness classes including Yoga and Pilates if you feel the need there is every opportunity to keep fit whilst enjoying your time on board.


After your evening meal whether it be on the 1st or 2nd sitting you can make your way around the ship to be thoroughly entertained. The main show takes place in the lovely Neptune lounge where you can choose your seat sit back and be waited for by the very attentive waiters who by the 2nd night know your name, cabin number and choice of after dinner drink it really Is very impressive.


The shows themselves vary over the last 3 evenings we have had the sheer pleasure of viewing the fabulous Boudicca show company a group of around 8 singers and dancers who keep passengers entertained throughout the cruise not only during the evening shows, we’ve also had comedian Phil Melbourne and all round entertainer Andrew Robley. There’s also dancing with professional dance hosts and wonderful live music around the ship from some extremely talented musicians.


3 days at sea may seem like a long time, however with so many activities and entertainment going on around the ship there is always something to keep you occupied.


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