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My First Ship Visit as a Travel Agent

Jun 11, 2018

My First Ship Visit as a Travel Agent

Working in travel is new to me.  I have been to many places and seen some incredible things, but I have never been on a ship before.  I didn’t quite know what to expect, and yet the Balmoral still managed to surprise me.  To me, this was a big ship but in fact it’s the very opposite, which is something Fred. Olsen pride themselves in.  It means that the ship can go into more river banks, nooks and crannies than a lot of the other cruise lines - giving you a unique itinerary and the chance to see more places than other cruise lines can offer.

We began embarkation at 10am in Rosyth and I could already tell that so much care is put into the appearance of the ship, as people were already repainting the outside and making sure it was perfect for the next departure.



Updated with new paintings and art pieces, this ship felt nothing less than a luxurious hotel.  Despite being a small ship with the capacity to hold just 1,300 passengers, the hallways were spacious and it felt like you could have the place to yourself.  It feels as if it’s bigger on the inside!

We were taken around all the restaurants, lounge areas and even got to see some of the rooms.  As I was walking around the ship, I noticed that there is so much attention to detail, between the overall cleanliness to the décor, you really can’t fault them.  As an artist, I was really drawn to the layout and how different each area looked from one another. The cabins had artwork on the walls and it felt a lot more homey than I imagined. From the corridor to the Spey, no communal rooms are alike.

 34419203_2099036020125861_2435614806112206848_n.jpg      34466928_2099038923458904_7250755946496917504_n.jpg      34346971_2099039626792167_7731060352502202368_n.jpg


The rooms, though at different levels and sizes, all feel open, neat and are all lovely areas to reside in during your journey.  The bathrooms are relatively spacious and there is a lot of storage space, meaning that you can unpack and feel more at home, rather than live out of your suitcase during your stay. 



After the ship tour, we got to go to for lunch.  Having never experienced food on a ship before, I didn’t know what to expect.  But I must say I was blown away by the quality and the presentation.  They made my watermelon and feta salad look like a Rubik’s cube!



I went for the steak, which was one of the most mouth-watering, flavoursome steaks I have had (of course, medium rare) and the dessert was rich and creamy.  The food tasted fresh and it got rid of any misconceptions that it’d be any other way. 

Overall, I had a lovely experience being guided around the Balmoral, learning about the ship itself.   With plenty to do, plenty to see and with the friendly staff onboard, I would highly recommend cruising with Fred. Olsen.

And with the fantastic offers Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines have on, why don’t you call us and we’ll make sure you get to experience what I have, and so much more, for your next cruise! 

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