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The Old Lady Returns

Jan 23, 2015


The Old Lady in question is the much loved MS Nordstjernen. Although translated into English her name means North Star she’s been affectionately named the Old Lady by crew and guests alike due to her age and stately design. Having left the fleet in 2012, she returns refurbished and resplendent for a special selection of cruise itineraries cruising some of her familiar routes.

Hurtigruten’s distinctive ships have been part of the furniture along the Norwegian Coast since 1893. It’s often said that there’s a cruise for everyone. And with Hurtigruten their diversity of fleet means just that. The current fleet consists of one classic vessel, one mid generation ship, six ships built during the 1990’s and three further ships built in 2000’s.

Their fleet are working ferries as well as cruise vessels, so offer a cruise with a difference. One where you get closer to the local people, history and heritage as well as nature.

Whilst many people request the more modern ships in the fleet the older heritage ships, Lofoten and Nordstjernen offer a very special more cosy and intimate feel due to their size and style.  Built in Hamburg in 1956 the Nordstjernen statistics are diminutive. She can carry a maximum of 108 passengers has a service speed of 15 knots, a tonnage of 2.191 GT, length of 80.77m and beam of 12.6m.

Her facilities include a restaurant, bar, café, panoramic lounge, library and six cabins grades totalling 76 cabins, comprising of 54 ocean view and 24 inside cabins across the ship. Most cabin grades include en-suite facilities although some of the lower grade cabin grades, in keeping with the age of the ship, are equipped with washbasin only.

During her working life Nordstjernen has cruised the Norwegian coast mainly serving coastal communities within the Svalbard archipelago and been designated with heritage status, held in high esteem by the people of Norway and part of the fabric of their heritage with her distinctive form.

She was the oldest ship in the Hurtigruten fleet. She left service in 2012 and was bought by a Norwegian company. She was lovingly restored both inside and out with the hull, being completely repainted, windows replaced, decor upgraded, yet original features like the art & light fittings have been retained. Now all her decks and wooden surfaces gleam and she looks brand new.


Hurtigruten are delighted to confirm the Nordstjernan will re-join the fleet for two special celebratory charter itineraries operating from June to August 2015 so that fans of her charm and heritage can once again sail on her tracing her old nautical journeys.


Svalbard Archipelago

Spitsbergen is the jewel in the Arctic’s crown. Spitsbergen is only 1200km south of the North Pole but because of the Gulf Stream Spitsbergen is only 60% covered by ice so that allows habitation. 

Part of the Svalbard archipelago it is home to impressive glacial scenery and a population of approaching 3000 people and 3500 polar bears. Due to it’s climate and location the archipelago has long been an area inhabited by worldwide research teams as well as hunting and mining communities over the generations. Today over 40 nationalities live across the archipelago in settlements such as Barentburg and Longyearbyen (the region’s capital).


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