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If you were asking for a favourite cruise destination then the beautiful garden island of  Madeira would be high on the list with lush gardens, decorative flowers and plenty to do…
In the final installment of Michelle's trip she reaches Oporto and explores the many sights of Madeira

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An unusual destination that you won’t find in many holiday brochures but the islands of the Azores are hidden treasures! During our itinerary Boudicca will dock at 3 of the 9 A…
The second part of Connoisseur team member, Michelle's Welsh's cruise onboard Boudicca to the Azores

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Cruising the Azores

Oct 29, 2014

Category: Ocean Cruises

A home from home at sea is often how many of Boudicca’s regular descendants describe her. With a following close to that of the famous Black Prince Fred Olsen fans from around …
Details of staff member Michelle Welsh's recent experiences onboard Boudicca cruising from Greenock to the Azores

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